Materials from Dr. Bode's Presentations


These are the slides of several of my talks in PowerPoint format.

Presentation Uploaded SizeK
Bode(Atlanta - Using Technology to Optimize Control).ppt 12/17/2003 4827
Diabetes Update(Bode - Atlanta).ppt 12/17/2003 364
IV Insulin Protocols ACCE final.ppt 12/17/2003 1206
Medtronic sympsosiums 12-03.ppt 12/17/2003 6494
ADA Pump Therapy 2nd Work Shop May 15th, 2004.ppt 5/10/2004 4877
Novo slide set 4-04.ppt 5/10/2004 6740
ADA Pump Tharapy 1st Work Shop May 14th, 2004.ppt 5/10/2004 5631
ADA Hospital Management of Diabetes Case Studies May 14th, 2004.ppt 5/10/2004 965
Diabetes Management Where we are and Where we are going 4-04.ppt 5/10/2004 9644
Medtronic sympsosiums 1-04.ppt 5/10/2004 8328
Hospital Management of Diabetes complete set.ppt 5/10/2004 1449

Here are some older presentations, some of which had PDF versions as well as Powerpoint.

Original Title Original Date Download PPT Download PDF
new insulins csii 2-28-02.ppt 2/28/2002 bode001.ppt 27M bode001.pdf 3.2M
new insulins novolog 3-19-02.ppt 3/19/2002 bode002.ppt 26M bode002.pdf 1.1M
new insulins lantus 3-20-02.ppt 3/20/2002 bode003.ppt 22M bode003.pdf 1.1M
new insulins Bocca Rotan May 2002.ppt 4/11/2002 bode004.ppt 22M bode004.pdf 1.0M
new insulins lantus 4-17-02.ppt 4/.11/2002 bode005.ppt 22M bode005.pdf 1.1M
Novo AACE 5-02-BodeFINAL.ppt 4/29/2002 bode006.ppt 2.2M bode006.pdf 0.2M
Utilizing Insulin Pump Therapy in Challenging Populations (final).ppt 5/2/2002 bode007.ppt 2.5M bode007.pdf 0.2M
Scanned image of orders 3/24/2002   orders.pdf 0.4M
Endo final 2002.ppt 9/09/2002 bode008.ppt 28M  
new insulins lantus nashville 7-02.ppt 9/09/2002 bode009.ppt 7M  
dm 2 actos.ppt 12/9/2002 bode010.ppt3.9M
hospital management of diabetes.ppt 9/23/2002 bode011.ppt0.5M
insulin and sensors grand rounds 12-6-02.ppt 12/11/2002 bode012.ppt23.8M
Emerging Bolus Insulin Therapies in the Treatment of Type 1 and 2 Diabetes AACE May 14, 2003 final.ppt 4/10/2003 bode013.ppt3.3M
Hospital Management of Diabetes Aventis May 2003.ppt 5/3/2003 bode014.ppt0.7M
Management of Type 2 with Basal Bolus Strategies ACP 4-03.ppt 3/27/2003 bode015.ppt3.4M
Master file New Insulins and Insulin Delivery Systems April May 2003.ppt 5/9/2003 bode016.ppt10.4M
Canada symposium 6-9-03.ppt 6/10/2003 bode017.ppt9.3M
ADA 6-16-03 Symposium.ppt  6/18/2003 bode018.ppt3.5M

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